Pigs at Garr House Farm

Are you interested in half a pig ?

A half pig is exactly what it says, nose to tail, butchered to your requirements. Costing around £120 plus any sausages at £4.00 / kg it is an economical way to stock the freezer, why not share one between family and friends?


Please get in touch to discuss how you would like it butchered, there are a few decisions to make the first time but these will be on file so re-ordering is simple. Please download the info sheet and get in touch, we can talk you through it.


Half a pig info sheet
Further details about buying half a pig and what decisions you need to make about getting it butchered to your requirements- its not as daunting as you think - additional charges do apply for sausages and curing if required.
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A half pig with the hand and belly made into sausages, the calculator is for scale.


Sausages are minimum 85% pork and come 4 sausages per pack, ideal for home freezing. Full ingredients lists available on request.

We have a stock of the sausage flavours listed below that are ready frozen, when ordering please clarify if you are happy with frozen sausages. If you specifically require the sausages to be fresh we will let you know when they will next be available. 


A pack of sausages will defrost easily in the fridge over night and must then be cooked within 24hrs. 

Flavour Price/kg
Plain Chipolatas ( 8 per pack ) £12.00
Proper Pork £8.25
Pork & Leek (contains green bits !) £8.25
Cumberland style £8.25
Toulouse (Garlic & Pepper) £8.25
Old English ( most popular ) £8.25
Pork & Apple (sweet) £8.25
Garlic, Chilli & Fennel (*HOT!*) £8.25
Honey & Mustard £8.25
Cranberry £8.25
Apricot £8.25
GF Pork Sausages (4 per pack) £11.25


Leg - boneless joint £11.00
Pork Leg Steak in Cajun Glaze £11.20
Loin of pork £9.50
Rolled loin £10.60
Chops (packed individually) £9.50
Loin steak (packed individually) £10.60
Shoulder - boneless joint £10.00
Hand & hock - minced / diced £8.50
Belly pork - whole or slabs £7.30
Belly pork - strips £8.00
Tenderloin ( fillet ) £13.20
Smoky BBQ or Chinese belly pork strip £8.20
Plain short rib racks £7.20
Short ribs in Chinese glaze £7.70
Plain sausagemeat 0.5kg tubes £8.25
Old English sausagemeat 0.5kg tubes £8.25
Pork & Apple burgers (x2 per pack) £8.25

 Pork Skin - suitable for home made pork scratchings or extra crackling with the roast. Sold in strips approximately 6 inches £3.90/kg

Cured Products

The bacon and gammon take 10 days and the ham 2 weeks to cure, they are available either green (unsmoked) or smoked.

Usually we have the bacon sliced and packed in 0.25kg ( half lb ) packs and the ham is sliced and packed 4 slices / pack. The gammon is packed as single slices or as joints, usually around 2kg but any size may be ordered.

There is also thicker cut green back bacon available to order, 4 slices per pack.


When ordering bacon or ham please specify if you would like smoked OR unsmoked. Frozen cured produce is often available at a reduction of 10%, please ask when placing an order.



Vacuum packed, smoked or green (unsmoked), average 8x slices per pack

For smoked products, add 20 p/ kg

Back bacon     - £15.50/ kg

Streaky           - £13.50/kg

Smoked Collar - £12.00/kg

Bacon Pieces  - £7.50 / kg These are uneven slices or one thick slice which couldn't be machine cut.

Gammon slices - £12.50/ kg     Gammon joints  - £12.50/ kg

Hock           - £4.75




4 slices / pack. For smoked add 20p / kg

Unsmoked ( green ) - £19.00/ kg     

Boneless joints £16.75/kg

Ham ends - £11.00/ kg


Contact details

Wigborough Meats

Garr House Farm, Layer Road

Gt Wigborough

Colchester CO5 7RR



Tel: 01206 735694     07790 095 052

Email: info@garrhousefarm.co.uk

Shop opening hours

Thursday, Friday & Saturday

10am - 4.00pm


When we have fresh meat available.

Fresh Beef

Available monthly- Next available:

Wed 6 th July 2022

Angus X, home reared, 100% grass fed beef  35 day hung

The following fresh beef will be  17 th August 

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