The Easycare breed of sheep being unloaded onto fresh pasture.

These naturally have a short fleece which prevents them getting stuck in brambles. They are winter hardy and stay outside all year round, do not require shearing and lamb outdoors so they are GRASS FED. The carcase weight is lighter than traditional woolly breeds at around 17 kg.

All fresh lamb was born April 2021 and of the Easycare breed. They go in on a Monday and hang till either the following Thursday or the Thursday after that. 


All parts are available to order, prices below are for the products usually in stock.


A whole lamb to butcher yourself is currently £130.

Half or whole lambs need to be ordered as they are cut to your specifications, and the meat is hung for at least 10 days. 


Half Lamb

£85 - £90 (approx')

Average weight: 10kg  Priced at £8.42 / kg

Mint flavoured burgers and sausages can be made for £4.00 / kg extra.

More details are on the ' Interested in a whole or half lamb ' document .


An example of how a whole lamb can be butchered is in the picture with an explanation of the cuts below. We are happy to talk you through the options, it isn't as daunting as it sounds. Just download the info sheet below to get started.

Whole Lamb : working from left to right. 500g packs of mince from a shoulder and the breast, a whole leg, shank, neck fillet in garden mint and 3 x single chump chops, 1/2 shoulder ( blade side ) with the other side cubed below, single leg steaks in garden mint with two packs of cubed loin and chump together in one bag, 6 x 2 loin chops, liver, heart, kidneys and plain neck fillet.

Interested in a whole or a half lamb ?

Info about ordering a half or whole lamb for your freezer.
Download our info sheet for further details about ordering a half or whole lamb for your freezer - guidance on deciding how you would like it cut to meet your requirements.
Interested in a half or a whole lamb.doc[...]
Microsoft Word document [28.5 KB]

*Get £5 off any lambskin when you buy half a lamb*

Lamb Leg Joints

   Price /kg
Rolled leg £17.50
Plain steaks £17.50
Steaks in mint  £17.70
Whole Leg £15.00
Bone In Top Half £15.50
Bone In Bottom Half £14.50
Bone in joint £15.00
Shank £12.00

Lamb Loin:


Barnsley chop ( double loin )  £17.50
Cutlets /2 £17.00
Joint - untrimmed £17.00
Rack - trimmed £18.00
Loin chops /2 £18.00
Chump Chop £19.00
Chump chop roll - no bone, great for 2 people £19.00
Cubed in Mint (ideal for Kebabs) £20.00



Whole                       £10.00

1/2 blade side            £10.50

1/2 knuckle end         £10.40

Rolled                        £14.80

Minced / diced            £15.00


Breast - with bones £7.32
Rolled Breast £9.20
Minced breast £9.20


with Mint £10.50


Neck Fillett £11.00

Stewing pack

- with bones



Heart £6.00 / kg

Liver   £6.00 / kg

Kidney £6.00 / kg

Mutton           Currently sold out - next available in May.

Mutton is officially classified as any sheep over 2 years old; supplied by Wigborough  Meats it is the ewes who are no longer fit for breeding at Garr House Farm.

Try the 'forgotten flavour' - as promoted by Prince Charles.

Diced mutton packs.

All prices are £2 / kg cheaper than the same lamb cuts as shown above.


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Fresh Beef

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Wed 25 th May 2022

Angus X, home reared, 100% grass fed beef  22 day hung

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