WTM Newsletter No 61 - and the cattle are finally out.
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Next fresh beef : Wed 8th June

Orders in by 6pm on Sunday  please.

It is an Angus cross beast which was born and reared at Garr House Farm, grass fed and will have hung for 21 days.

Orders taken for individual joints or a mini beef box.

Mini Beef Box ( £50 worth for £45 ) -  made to your requirements but usually contains 2 joints ( from a choice of Topside, Silverside, rolled rib, brisket, rib on the bone ), 2 steaks ( from a choice of Fillet, T-bone, Minute, Sirloin or Rump ), 4 x mince ( normal or 'best' which is minced Silverside , 4 x casserole packs ( shin, stewing, braising or skirt ) with an option on sausages and burgers. Basically spend over £50 on individually priced beef items and get 10% off.

Beef sausages are plain and packed in 4's. Gluten free available.

Burgers - 4 oz packed in pairs with the choice of plain, onion and black pepper, sweet chili or horseradish. Gluten free plain burgers available.


We will have our usual stall at Colchester  Farmers'  Market ( St Mary's Arts Centre Friday 10th June 9:30am - 12:30pm )
and also at Peldon Village Fete the next day. Orders can be collected from the stall at these events.


The £20 BBQ Box - is now available. Frozen boxes will be in stock until the end of summer, fresh boxes need to be ordered.
Contents varies but will always contain 8 burgers, 16 sausages then a mix of steaks / chops, chunks for kebabs and perhaps ribs or belly pork strips. We try to include a mix of beef, pork and lamb and various marinades. £25 worth of mixed grill meats for £20.

Currently available from Bob's garden:

Produce grown between the buildings at Garr House Farm;
Lettuce * Spring onions * Rhubarb * Raddish
Please order so these can be freshly  picked for you to either collect or have delivered locally for free on a Thursday.
Prices are based on those at Bonners.
We have a new stock of organically cured, washable, lambskins.
All large size white ones are  priced at £37,  rare breed at £47 and  medium Jacob skins also at £47. They make wonderful presents for any age - perfect for a new baby or someone getting on in years.

Double skins, where two are sewn together can be ordered at no extra cost.

Buy a half lamb and get £5 off a lambskin.

Summer shop opening times :

Fridays and Saturdays 10am - 5:00pm
On Thursdays from 11am till 3pm when we are labelling up the fresh meat and processing orders for FREE DELIVERY
It does not have to be a large order; some customers just have half a dozen eggs - if we are passing, we are happy to drop an order off ( gently ).



Most Fridays and Saturdays there is a chance for you to collect your own eggs - they will have been laid that morning, you can't get fresher than that. If you would like to come, please let us know before 10am when the regular collection happens. If the ground is muddy it is best to turn up wearing wellies.
A reminder that our son in law Dave Abbott does vehicle repairs and can sort MOT tests. Give him a call on 077888 58481
It is interesting to see the variety of vehicles coming into the yard and I have been made aware of the number of parts delivery firms zooming round the countyside.

Special offers - 1/2 Price

Frozen bacon and ham while stocks last plus the B.O.G.O.F basket which has a regular turn over of frozen meat, usually where the vacuum packing has failed. Come and check out what is available.
A quick mention of the first of Poppy's puppies to graduate from puppy school; Congratulations 'Steve' and his Mum, Jane.
We are proud of you !
After 5 months indoors we were finally able to turn the suckler beef cows and young calves outside. If you want to know how excited they were click on the link:


It is a time when you need to keep them all together going through a gateway or the cows race off and the calves get left behind and confused by being the other side of a fence.
The calves from last year are grazing some rented land round the reservoir, water authority restrictions due to the potential spread of cryptosporidiosis mean than all stock has to be over 6 months when grazing next to the reservoir.
They have no piped water so we are using the combined tank and electric fence power unit Phil constructed last year. When the weather is hot ( did you catch some of that ? ) the tank needs refilling every 3 days. This was a two man job as someone had to keep the curious beasts away from the open gate as the bowser was driven into the field next to the tank for the water to be pumped in.
It took two sessions like this with lots of stick waving to keep the beasts back before Phil purchased a longer pipe to reach from bowser to tank through the fence; it is now a one man job.

There was a certain amount of preparation to be done before the young stock could be turned out. There was a fence in place but we have learned that if you want to return to the field where you left the cattle and still find them in it - better to have a strand of wire with hopefully 10,000 volts of electricity going through it as well. So the new-to-us digger has been in action again making a neat trench to bury the cable taking the electricity from the solar panel battery source to the fence and also banging in the posts to hold the wire.
We managed to snatch some silage after 5 days of attempting to dry it out on Bank Holiday Monday. At least that was safely wrapped before the horrendous weather on Tuesday. We would feel quite smug if we hadn't believed the forecast which only put rain on one day and cut another 15 acres of grass on the Sunday. Hey ho. Only a potential £3000 loss and the work to keep it turned so it doesn't kill the grass underneath.
Once the grass has been mown it is left to wilt for 24 hours before being spread to hopefully dry out more in the sun then rowed up in the evenings for about 5 days until the moisture content has reduced significantly. The cows eat the silage when they are indoors over winter and if it is wet when eaten, it is wet when coming out the other end and they need more strawing up. So if we can make drier silage it saves on straw later.
Once the bales have arrived in the yard on the trailer it is a one man operation to put them from the trailer onto the wrapper,set the wrapper going with a remote control, take the wrapped bale onto the stack and collect another bale to be wrapped. There is a video of this operation from last year if you click the link     https://www.facebook.com/wigborough.meats/videos/972845986162075/

The loader has an attachment at the front for carrying the bales and it holds them by squeezing a bale between three prongs. This means the plastic wrap isn't punctured as it would be if the bale was moved with a spike. The air is kept out and the silage preserved by anaerobic fermentation.

Hopefully by the next newsletter we will have made some more silage or even hay which requires a week of fine weather ........ roll on summer, by temperature not just date.
 Please visit our web site              www.garrhousefarm.co.uk
Or contact us on 01206 735 694  or 07790 095 052

Kate Gladwin        Garr House Farm, Layer Road, Gt. Wigborough, Colchester Essex CO5 7RR

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