WTM Newsletter Issue 50 ........ February 2015
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Beef orders in by 6pm Sunday March 1st please.

This is another Angus cross, grass fed animal which was born and reared at Garr House and will have hung for 21 days.

Individual items available    ( choose a joint size for that dinner party or Sunday lunch ) or save 10% when you buy a ..........

Mini Beef Box - Individually priced at £50; boxed for £45. Boxes are made up to your specification and commonly include 3 joints selected from topside, silverside, rib on the bone, rolled rib and brisket. Equal quantities of mince and casserole meat ( braising, stewing, rib, shin or skirt ) and a couple of steaks ( sirloin, fillet, rump or minute ) with sausages and burgers ( plain, onion and black pepper or horseradish flavour ) plus offal also available.

Fresh MUTTON back 4th March. Orders in by 6pm Sunday 2nd March.
The beef will be available from the farm shop at Garr House and also Colchester Farmers' Market between 9:30am  and 12:30pm on Friday 5th March at St. Mary's Arts Centre. Orders taken for collection from the market.

Easter is approaching and we are hatching a plot for another ...............


Good Friday 3/4/15
Your chance to see how we rear our animals on one of the guided tours running every half hour between 11 am and 4 pm.
No booking required but the middle tours tend to be rather busy.
There will be piglets, calves and lambs plus children's activities including egg collecting if the run isn't too muddy.
Refreshments served all day ( remember Sarah's cakes ? ) and a BBQ of our own meats from 12 till 2pm where you can sample a variety of sausage flavours.

Special offers available in the meat shop.
Suggested donations of £2 / adult and £1 / child to cover the extra insurance required.
The lambing shed is best avoided if you think you may be pregnant.

There will be a disinfectant dip so please have suitable footwear.
Last few LEEKS available from Bob's Garden - best to order so they can be freshly dug for you.

Shop opening times:

Fridays and Saturdays 10am - 5pm
On Thursdays from 11am when we are labelling up the fresh meat and processing orders for FREE DELIVERY.
The delivery order does not need to be huge - some folks have 6 eggs.
All orders welcome.


Spring is springing ! The daffodills along the road are nearly out, only a few days later than last year and the grass has started to grow. Winter could still have a sting in its tail but once February is out the way at least it won't last for long. February always feels like a long month; short, cold days filled with routine tasks. All the sheep and cattle are indoors needing feed and bedding brought to them while they mainly sleep through their gestation. Hopefully they are all either in lamb or in calf;  the chap who does the scanning is due on Saturday.
         Pregnant ?                                Last year's calves.

Having sold one telescopic loader, the Matbro, we now have a big and little Manitou. The 'new to us' bigger one can cope more easily with the bale spreader but does require some precision driving.

What you don't want is anything going wrong with the snake's nest of hydraulic pipes, fortunately it was still under waranty.

On dry days another 1000, mainly hawthorn hedge plants,  have gone in patching up gaps. We have had to put in an extra fence here in readiness for cattle being outside on the North side of the farm and to keep the stock off the young hedge plants in the Spring.

The self propelled dirty water irrigation system has been busy in the wet weather. There are muddy patches behind it, not because of the extra water it delivers onto the field but due to Mr and Mrs Seagull and all their relations investigating the ground and paddling about making a mess. Sometimes it seems you solve one problem just to create another.

One win, win situation however seems to be using one of Phil's inventions to keep the waste silage wrap under control. ( It will be a test of how conscientious he is with the editorial to see if he spots some, apparently rare praise coming his way).

Phil has made the bottomless box on the right out of old pallets and draped baler twine from one side, along the bottom and up the opposite side - on all 4 sides. The pallet is then ready to receive the discarded wrap. As it reached capacity, a home made concrete weight is lowered in using a loader and left for a couple of days. Once removed there is more space to fill with silage wrap and then compress again. When it is compacted as much as possible, the twine is tied up to make a parcel and the pallet box lifted off with a loader. Ta daa ...... neat brickettes of silage wrap ready to efficiently fill a skip.

The finished pigs despite now having allegedly leaner genetics from a different breeding company, are still coming through with too much fat on them. Analysis of the ration showed the protein / energy balance of the rations was out with not enough protein present. The culprit was hunted down to being this weigh head which tips when it has enough soya in it - and the number of tips it makes are counted to complete a tonne mix. The problem identified is that the weigh head is tipping up with less soya in than it used to. Hopefully once we have got this right the younger pigs will grow faster and so not put on fat which allows them to eat a lower quality ration as they near slaughter weight maintaining growth but not laying down fat. Pig aerobics was not seen as a viable solution.
 Please visit our web site              www.garrhousefarm.co.uk
Or contact us on 01206 735 694  or 07790 095 052

Kate Gladwin        Garr House Farm, Layer Road, Gt. Wigborough, Colchester Essex CO5 7RR

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