WTM Newsletter Issue 41........ mud, mud and more mud.
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 WTM shop offers:

Until the end of February ;
New customers and regular customers recommending a new customer receive 20% off frozen stocks of beef, pork, lamb, mutton and sausages.

There is a limited supply of frozen bacon, ham slices and hock joints at 50 % off.

Collar Bacon.
Is cured pork shoulder, available as smoked or green ( unsmoked ), comes as 4 slices per pack at £10:00 / kg working out about £2 / pack.
Much cheaper than back bacon and the right shape for a bacon roll.


Next fresh beef
back Wed 5th March; there will be another newsletter along while the beast is hanging giving you time to get any orders in.
This Friday - if you want anything particular brought along, just email.
If you haven't been before there are about 12 stalls all of locally grown and hand made produce - worth a look.

We currently have over 10 varieties to choose from; including beef, pork and lamb.
20% off if you use the offer detailed at the top.
Quoting some lines from the local panto' which has just had a successful run with Cinderella.

''There's only one place that you should go
for all your catering treats.
With pork and lamb and beef in stock,
It's Wigborough Traditional Meats!''

Thanks to plugs from the Peldon Players
You all know where  to come.
Opening times are listed below,
So please come along and buy some.

Shop opening times:

Fridays and Saturdays 10am - 5pm
On Thursdays from 11am when we are labeling up the fresh meat and processing orders for FREE DELIVERY later that day.



Fortunately it is only the free range hens who have the option of going outdoors into the mud. The cattle, sheep and pigs all having indoor accommodation on concrete with straw bedding and full room service. When outdoors it isn't only the animals who don't like the conditions, it isn't fun for the stockman either. Still, there is always someone worse off than yourself; our farming friend in the West Country has stopped updating us when there is a new rainfall record.

One problem with indoor housing of stock is disposal of the waste. The cattle especially use a lot of straw as bedding which is topped up as necessary, usually every other day, and the whole pen mucked out hopefully, only twice a season. This has just happened pre-calving and the muck heap has grown enormously with no hope of carting it onto the land till it dries out or freezes. Normally we would have had a frost by now and the ground be hard enough go on without making ruts whilst putting a temporary storage heap in a field. Like most aspects of farming the storage of muck is highly regulated with the intention of preventing run off into water courses.

The pigs produce three of these trailers full a week.

Other waste we produce is paper and cardboard mainly from packaging of various deliveries which we burn, the plastic whether it is empty sacks, baler twine or silage wrap we pay for disposal by the skip load, carcass disposal is another expense. Since BSE these cannot be buried or left to rot in the muck heap but must be incinerated. Though some farms have their own incinerators the set up and running costs are not justified on our scale and mix of animals as beef and sheep carcasses must be incinerated in a separate incinerator to pigs, so again outside contractors are called in. One waste product making a positive contribution to the coffers at the moment is scrap metal and it always amazes me how when we have a tidy up, usually once a year, we manage to find so much.

This lot managed to come to £980 after transport. Good to end on a positive note - as well as appreciating there is an apprentice to accompany my husband to the Doe Show so I feel no obligation to go; true to form the weather is awful. Though perhaps I should have done; we are now due to take delivery of a straw trailer for the equivalent of four years worth of scrap metal. I am told it has a solid floor so at least can double as a mobile lamb shelter should it still be raining in April.
 Please visit our web site              www.garrhousefarm.co.uk
Or contact us on 01206 735 694  or 07790 095 052

Kate Gladwin        Garr House Farm, Layer Road, Gt. Wigborough, Colchester Essex CO5 7RR

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