WTM Newsletter Issue 39: Fresh beef orders needed by 6pm Sunday.

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Fresh beef back on Wed Dec 4th

If you would like some of the Angus cross, born and reared at Garr House, which will have been hung for over 3 weeks, let me know by 6pm Sunday. Mini Boxes available: £50 worth of beef, a mix of joints, mince, casserole beef and steak and burgers / sausages available for £45. Please contact me to discuss what you would like.


Christmas order deadlines.

There will be frozen stocks available but if you would like to order anything specific for Christmas then :
Sunday 1st December
Final orders for Lamb, Beef  &  Ham.

Sunday 8th December
Final orders for Gammon & Chicken

Saturday 14th December
Final orders for turkey.

Sunday 15th December
Final orders for pork.


White, barn reared turkeys.

Supplied by C.C. Roots & Sons
Brooklyn, Gt. Wigborough CO5 &RU
01621 860273

These excellent tasting, succulent birds can either be purchased direct from our neighbours or ordered and collected from us on Christmas Eve ( earlier by arrangement ). Prices are;
<5kg  £7:20/kg Under 13 lb
5 - 6 kg  £7:02/kg 13  - 15 lb
6-7kg  £6:42/kg 15 - 18 lb
7 - 8 kg £5:78 / kg 18 - 21 lb
8 - 9 kg £5:20 / kg 21 - 24 lb
9 kg + £4:68 / kg Over 24 lb



It has been a good apple harvest and we have three different desert apple varieties juiced. All apples are local and the 1l bottles of pure apple juice are £4. A Bramley blend will be added to the list shortly.

honey is from bees foraging mainly in Peldon and Wigborough and available in two sizes priced £3:50 and £4.

Quince Jelly has been made from our Quinces, it is a very sweet accompaniment to any meat or good simply spread on toast and priced at £2:50 per pot.


Currently available from Bob's garden:

Produce grown between the buildings at Garr House.
carrots * leeks * celeriac * garlic * blackcurrants * raspberries* beetroot* chilie peppers


Shop opening times:

Fridays and Saturdays 10am - 5pm
On Thursdays from 11am when we are labelling up the fresh meat and processing orders for
We will be open all day on Dec 22nd and 23rd.

FREE tastings of our
Festive Flavoured sausage ( cranberry, stilton & sage ) every Saturday till Christmas.

The herd is in !

The suckler beef herd consisting of 18 hopefully, in calf cows and heifers plus their calves from this year and some from the 2012 calving, making 42 in total, were brought indoors for winter before it got too wet and they poached the fields with their high ground pressure hooves. They need to be brought in when they are dry or they can be susceptible to pneumonia. If they are kept out in harsh conditions, they adapt by growing longer hair, the problem with this is that they then get too hot when indoors and so need shaving to keep cool. Usually a strip either side of the spine is enough. So, the cattle are in whilst the sheep, sporting their sheepskin coats and lighter body weight so a reduced tendency to mess up the ground, are still outside.
https://gallery.mailchimp.com/43ebc69baa5a8aca9013dfb30/images/Photo03108a3529.jpgThe lambs still tuck into silage in ring feeders. Though there is plenty of grass about its nutritional value is declining. The worms have also had a last hurrah before the cold weather sets in and we have wormed the lambs again; hopefully for the last time before they come indoors.https://gallery.mailchimp.com/43ebc69baa5a8aca9013dfb30/images/photo0386.jpgThis ageing Suffolk ram is dressed for action sporting a blue raddle crayon. 17 days later ( one cycle ) and all ewes were marked except 3 and the worn out crayon changed to red so we will know which ewes are later lambing or didn't hold to the first service. https://gallery.mailchimp.com/43ebc69baa5a8aca9013dfb30/images/photo0401.jpgTwo garage doors, four trees and according to Phil 'the most troublesome pig on the farm' were all  wind damage casualties a month ago. Surprisingly we did not lose electricity and after coming in for a paint job the pig sign has been returned to duty.https://gallery.mailchimp.com/43ebc69baa5a8aca9013dfb30/images/photo0398.jpgNo newsletter would be complete without a mention of concreting activity ....... apparently one should admire the smooth finish on the poured concrete wall which has been revealed after the removal of the shuttering.https://gallery.mailchimp.com/43ebc69baa5a8aca9013dfb30/images/photo0394.jpgA concrete crushing machine was hired in to convert the heap of rubble produced when a roadway was repaired ( those of you sad enough can refer back to issue 35, June 2013 found in the newsletter section at www.garrhousefarm.co.uk ). The planned one day hire turned into a frustrating two days due to frequent blockages, fortunately there was no charge for the extra day as there was some issue about belt adjustment after an over haul of the machine - or may be it was the tone of Phil's voice having worked with the noisy machine for longer than expected. Anyway, rubble tipped in the top has produced hills of hardcore having passed through vibrating metal teeth   ................. shown below with the right side which vibrates and the left side is static.https://gallery.mailchimp.com/43ebc69baa5a8aca9013dfb30/images/photo0392.jpgIn the end we had several people stop in response to the roadside advert for a farm apprentice. Unexpectedly there were three delivery drivers wanting a change of career along with a couple of others above the 26 year old cut off age for an apprentice. 17 year old Jamie starts on Monday,  December isn't the best month to be starting a basically outdoor career but he is keen and hopefully the weather will be kind for a few more weeks.

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